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The Message to Art Lovers

The Art, so much and so little in this word. Why are we in love with art, and why is it vital in our lives. Art has the power to educate us about almost anything and open the horizons to everything.
It can create awareness and translate details so that we can easily absorb them, losing control between reality and the art itself.
In a world where there are many inconsistencies and disagreements, art is society’s unifying link and equalizer.

I love art. I sure love painting, and perhaps I could equally say, “I am in love with art.” I spend every day of my life thinking about it, working on creating new paintings, sharing them with other artists and art lovers, and being a part of the community and industry.

However, my true love for art came when I was a teenager, and I think I can even point to the exact moment when my passion for art began.

I was visiting the Tretyakovskaya Gallery in Moscow. It was a sunny day with a nice chilly breeze in the gallery before the autumn season. My dad and I were walking through the gallery when I whispered to him, “papa, I want to make paintings like this”, my dad has smiled.

Later that year he signed me up to an art painting school, where I started learning the beauty of the art.

Learning to paint was a memorable time of my life. The smell of oil paint and watching my teachers and mentors creating masterpieces, and learning from the best, made me a person in love with art painting.

Along with many art styles available in the art world, botanical, still-lifes, and florals or landscapes, I hardly can choose one favorite, as I love it all. The best feeling to watch a thought transformed from a vision to a masterpiece on a canvas makes me believe the art is actually a magic.

The art for me not just put oil into the canvas, but translated my feelings into something unique and a piece of me.

I want to believe this is the exact reason why you are here because you are an art-lover, and sincerely hope we can share some moments together.

Lana Zueva
Your Artist

Red Backed Fairy Wren painting

Finding My Painting Style

Finding my own style in painting was a journey inspired by famous painters. Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Rembrandt etc, ​are the inspiration you can not pass by. Looking into those masterpieces makes you fly to the sky and want to create.

Oil painting gives flexibility and in-depth color transformation. I am able to apply paint in many different ways and adjust pigments to create unique paintings every time. The possibilities of creating unique masterpieces are endless with this style.

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